오죽 -겠, -으면


Single Channel video installation, sound, massage chairs


photography : Nam KiYong , providedby Seoul Museum of Art

불구하고 + 오죽 –겠, -으면
Regardles + (It)help(s)!

Slide 46-50

Yoon’s works Regardless and (It)help(s) portray the vulnerable human attributes, limits and anxiety in response to all things invisible and imagined through doubts and convictions such as prevention, failure and provision. The artist leads the audience to a screening room only accessible through a door, inviting us to stories about widely known mythical gods and figures. The video work regardless , screened in the flow of movement divided by the artist, tells the story about the mythical figures Achilles and the bronze giant Talos and Siegfried. Each video portrays the tragic fate of the figures that endeavored to overcome their weaknesses but had no choice but to eventually succumb to their given fate.

The next work, (It)help(s) is a video installation seen from a comfortable massage chair. The work captures the life of an individual who repeats ritualistic or even self- hypnotic gestures in order to prepare for anxious daily life and reality. It captures the fragile human being who prays for the day’s peace through trivial efforts made in daily life. In Korean language, the title of the work is a pun on ‘Desperate enough to’, which can read ‘Enough to die’. This work forms a type of consensus in that, despite cultural differences, we can all be an ‘other’ to each other as well as individual in the video and by doing so, it reminds us of the fact that we are all organically connected to others. By intentionally suggesting the conditions of experiencing the work, Yoon concretizes the interaction between the work and the audience and prompts us to reflect on the inevitable events of the everyday life.

Excerpt from the Introduction to Monstrous moonshine at
Collateral Exhibition-Gwangju Biennale 2018, Written by Leeji Hong