온힘을 다해
To Deliver
In collaboration with Stephen Kwok

Mixed media, performance dimensions variable

photography by Popcon

To Deliver

Excerpt from the Introduction to This Event / Last Dinosaur at Seoul Museum of Art

Jiyoung Yoon X Stephen Kwok collaborates to their “fullest.” Based in Seoul, YOON Jiyoung sends virtual images in order to communicate the physicality of sculpture to the inverted space of Stephen Kwok in New York. Kwok then accepts those images as real objects, and reacts. YOON relies on her logic and intuition to explore different ways for KWOK to touch her tactile and performative sculpture. Through the cell phones between them, YOON reveals her formless sculpture in tactile “light.” When YOON throws the question “Got it?”, Kwok responds, “Got it!”.

Has online communication, by narrowing the distance, strengthened the sense of scale? The viewers can find out themselves by moving the pully up and down. On the other hand, the well-trained physical sense of the virtual stems from the close relationship between the two artists, and their effort to understand each other from a distance through “whatever” options they may have. KWOK creates a clay sculpture after seeing the image of YOON’s sculpture, and YOON, who receives the sculpture, creates Not An Object Not A word(2020) by reshaping the sculpture.

Visiting Seoul to meet YOON, Kwok remains self-quarantined for two weeks, while performing Contact (2020), in which he reacts to the sound of the bell installed in the exhibition space. Once he finally arrives at the museum, the artist presents a performance entitled, Charger(2020), which traverses between violence and apprehension, joy and labor, preparation and depletion amidst the water pouring down from the sprinkler. Fire and water now become one.

Writtien by Junghyun Kim