Title Not Necessary

Acrylic paint on paper, foamex board, fabrics

Drawings and paintings :Robert Hochkiss Thomson+Youngbin Choi, Jiyoung Yoon


photography provided by Audio Visual Pavilion

Title Not Necessary

Artist’s Note

Title Not Necessary wrestles with the question concerning documentation of three- dimensional work by adopting the format of pop-up book. The oversized book object, which experiments with the line between two- and three-dimensionality, contains eight pages of reproductions of my past work and two pages of visual commentaries by painters Robert Thompson and Youngbin Choi.

The reproductions of my work are done in the style of lift-the-flap, a technique that, in this particular work, sheds a new light on the notion of interiority that I have been exploring throughout her corpus. As such, this semi-two-dimensional format makes it possible to reassess some of the decisions in my original work that derive from sculptural concerns.