A Single Leg of Moderate Speed

Liquid latex, fabrics, metal, aluminum profiles, cotton, silicone, wood
Dimensions variable

A Single Leg of Moderate Speed

Artist's Note

Both Alas, and A Single Leg of Moderate Speed take on the interior-exterior dynamic in a social context: whereas A Single Leg of Moderate Speed alludes to an individual's negotiation with external circumstances, Alas, provides sculptural metaphors for an individual faced with a communal or societal objective.

Installation of both work has been meticulously planned and carefully executed. A Single Leg of Moderate Speed features two objects that stand on their tip and one object suspended in the air, which is made up of cotton, funnels, and net. This composite object, which seems as if it will readily absorb anything, will in fact let everything straight through. All three of them are supported by ropes that ultimately rely on the metal sculpture on the floor, which is covered with a layer of silicon and wrapped in a net.

The highlight of Alas, is a bead-like sculpture made up of one large and eight smaller inflatable spheres. Based on the formula that a volume of a sphere with diameter of 50 centimeters is identical to that of eight spheres with diameter of 25 centimeters, this sculpture is designed so that letting air out of the one large sphere will inflate the smaller eight ones, and vice versa. Next to them are the two hemispheres set up in a way that implies the sheer amount of external force required to put them back together.